The most powerful force in the promotion of international understanding and peace is exposure to different cultures. The world becomes a smaller, friendlier place when we learn that all people regardless of nationality desire the same basic things: a safe, comfortable environment that allows for a rich and satisfying life for our children and ourselves. Youth Exchange provides thousands of young people with the opportunity to meet people from other lands and to experience their cultures. This plants the seeds for a lifetime of international understanding.

District 6290 participates as part of a multi-district program called Central States Rotary Youth Exchange. This program includes 20 Districts in the Great Lakes area that include the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, part of Minnesota and the southern part of Ontario, Canada. 
Considering an application for Rotary Youth Exchange this year?
Students wishing to study abroad with Rotary apply in September each year for travel in August the following year. Candidates must meet all guidelines including:
  • Be 16-18 years old at time of departure (contact us for specific birth date requirements)
  • Have a minimum 2.75 GPA (for Canadians - approx. 80% average)