Materials from D6290 Leadership Development Events


Public Image Summit [2016]
D6290 State of Public Image Report MS Word
Rotary's New Look and Sound PPT  [14:36]
Building Your Resource Tool Kit [Updated 2017] PPT  [12:37]
Top 10 Public Image Tips for Clubs PPT  [10:10]
Club Brand Checklist PDF
Note: Above PowerPoint (PPT) presentations have image overlays and animation; Best viewed electronically in slide-show mode.
District Training Assembly -- Idea Exchange . . . Take Action [2015]
Online Resources - Top Picks (MSWord docs with and without visible addresses) Hyperlinked Visible Address
District Training Assembly Breakout [2014]
District & Rotary International Resources
Building Your Resource Tool Kit under 2016 for more current info]
Leveraging Social Media [Updated Oct 2017]
Getting Started with Facebook