Thank you for considering being a host family for a wonderful exchange student. Here are the main points of the program.
  • An exchange student from overseas lives in your home, as a member of your family, for approximately 4 months
  • They are involved with your family, in school, with new friends, and are also active in Rotary events such as weekend conferences and weekly meetings.
  • They are 16-19 years old and they are here for one year. While the exchange students are here they live with two or three families to give them a broader understanding of our culture.
  • We work with you to find the student with the best fit for your family, i.e. boy or girl, season of the year, language, etc.
  • We promise you that the experience will enrich your family.
​Why host a student through Rotary Youth Exchange vs. some other exchange program?
  • Rotary spends nearly 11 months preparing students for their exchange year
  • There are five weekend conferences for our inbound students to help monitor progress, offer encouragement and assistance
  • Inbound students are assigned a personal counselor, separate from the host family; additionally there is District Chair, a Youth Exchange Officer and a Rotary Club to back them up. That’s a powerful local support system! You will not be on your own.
Rotary operates one of a select few real exchange programs -- for each student we welcome to our Club/city/country, Rotary sends a student out to another place around the world. We hold true to the meaning of cultural youth exchange!