Motivate! Guide! Reward!

Many Rotary clubs provide college scholarships to high achieving students, rewarding those who have been successful in their academic careers.  Many of these students receive multiple scholarships and are destined to pursue higher education and achieve their career goals.
In contrast, the goal of the STRIVE Program is to motivate, guide and reward high school students who have struggled academically and have the greatest opportunity for academic improvement.
Students sign a contract at the start of the program promising to maintain good attendance, stay drug- and alcohol-free, demonstrate a positive attitude and behavior in school, and improve academically. STRIVE then matches each student with a local mentor. Both meet regularly to discuss career goals and post-high school educational opportunities. The mentor also offers encouragement, support, and guidance.  There are monthly group meetings with other STRIVE mentors and students with presentations on topics relevant to being successful in school and life after high school: college, careers, finances, and so on.  There also are opportunities to visit local businesses to learn about different careers.  The year concludes with an Annual Awards Dinner celebrating the  accomplishments of all students. Those students with the most improved GPAs are also awarded STRIVE scholarships to attend college or post-secondary training. For reference, included below are one-page descriptions of many STRIVE programs in our district.
Dan Sleeman, STRIVE Coordinator
Rotary District 6290
The STRIVE Program was started in 1987 by the Rotary Club of White Bear Lake in Minnesota.  Since then, numerous Rotary clubs have adopted and adapted the STRIVE model, creating programs of their own. Some STRIVE programs work with students during their junior and senior years of high school.  Other programs work with students during their senior year of high school and during their first year or two of college providing scholarships and mentors to ensure a successful transition. Each club is free to modify the STRIVE program to meet the needs of their local student population and club resources.