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Interact’s 60th Anniversary is November 5!
If your club sponsors an Interact Club, be sure to celebrate with Interact during World Interact Week starting on November 5. Helps bring awareness of the good that our youth do in our communities and world! Some Ideas to make it a special celebration during the month of November: 
  • Share thankfulness on social media and in local newspapers about the good that is done by our youth in Interact Clubs!
  • Attend their sponsored Interact Club’s next meeting to personally share appreciation for all that the Interact Members do!
  • Arrange with the school or location where the Interact Club meets, to plan a Thank You Celebration and to share a token of appreciation with them: a special thank you card, sticker, piece of fruit, or dessert, or coupon for the local purchase of one.

    Note: Many schools have food service companies where food items, such as wrapped cookies, cupcakes, and/or fruit can be ordered and purchased.
  • Provide pizza and beverages at one of the Interact Club’s meetings in November - with a warm Thank You attached.
  • Be creative! Celebrate our youth and their service to others!
Here's an actual plan from Houghton Lake:
On November 8, the Rotary Club of Houghton Lake will have representative Rotarians greet Houghton Lake High School Rotary Interact students, their Rotary and Faculty Advisors, and School Administration, at two lunchtimes that day to share notes of gratitude for the service that the students have done over the years, thank the school administrators for sanctioning the club since 1995, and provide a token of appreciation for each student member.  
Hear ye! Hear ye!
All Interact Clubs in District 6290
InteractOfficial is promoting a video contest leading up to the 2022 Interact Awards. Here's the deal:
"Show us how your members are champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion across your projects, club, and community. Submit your nomination by 1 December 2022 before 23:59 Chicago Time (UTC-5) for a chance to be named Best Video, Best Photo, or Best Essay and receive funds to support your Interact club’s next project!"
Take heed 6290 young videographers and old advisors. Submit a video soon.
Interact conference 2022

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