2017  LLC Timeline
Details / Notes
Provide club LLC contact info
By July 31, 2016
President to select Chair
Review/Download LLC documents
Aug-Dec 2016
Club LLC Chair
Promote LLC
Fall 2016
Club/Schools contacts
LLC Chair submits reservations
By Mar 1, 2017
after phone/email contact from District Committee
Interview applicants        
Feb/Mar 2017
Use downloaded materials from District website
Select students/alternates
During March
LLC Committee
Send response letters/info to attendees/alternates
March 15, 2017 
Letters to all applicants
Student on-line registration
By April 1, 2017
Successful applicants
Send a press release
Upon selection
To local media
Collect signed paperwork            
By April 15, 2017
To Kathy Hegedus (District Office) by May 1
Respect deadline
By May 1, 2017
Applications will not be accepted by this date.
Check with students              
By June 8, 2017
Verify attendance and transportation
Conference (firm date)
June 14-17, 2017
LLC Chairs always welcome to visit