Posted by Al Bonney

We’re excited to offer a convenient way to complete the Foundation Grant Management Seminar (GMS)—a required program for clubs interested in applying for Foundation Matching Grants in 2017- 2018 (and beyond!)

An on-line, on-demand course is now available at the Rotary Learning Center at It comes in three, 30-45 minute modules. You can take part of it, save your work, and return later to do some more. Each module includes downloadable materials, a video and brief quiz. All three modules must be completed for the course to be completed successfully.

Clubs should meet their requirement for one or two Rotarians to complete the GMS by October 15 or whenever they submit an application, whichever is earlier.  The application should state the names of the qualifying Rotarians for that Club, so they can be easily cross-checked.

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