Create a club membership development action plan that works!

On October 18th, 2014 Dr. Mary Berge (RI Zone 29 Rotary Coordinator) facilitated an action packed agenda focused on best practice sharing between club presidents and membership champions. Over 70 District 6290 participants discussed the ideas presented and shared their own ideas and best practices. The final session brought together teams from same clubs and like-sized clubs so that each participant could leave with a club-specific action plan they believed would help increase member attraction and engagement. 

Who attended?

Rotarians that are passionate about membership. In particular we had representation from membership committee chair/committee members, club presidents and/or presidents-elect.

What was the agenda?

Participants sat at tables of 6 - 8 individuals of like-sized clubs. Discussion/breakout topics included:

  1. What is the future of Rotary?
    • ​​Used "Future of Golf" video to stimulate discussion of similarities w/Rotary; see related links under Videos and Handouts
  2. What's Rotary?
    • ​​Creating our Rotary elevator speech; see before/after videos under Videos
  3. Characteristics of strong vs. weak clubs
    • ​​Small group discussion & report out; see Breakout/Discussion Group Input
  4. How to better engage new & current members
  • ​​Small group discussion & report out; see Breakout/Discussion Group Input and best practice materials under Handouts
  1. ​​​Telling your Rotary story
  • ​​Participants applied "Eight Clues to an Inspiring Story" to personal testimonial; see Handouts